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“Moat” is the Latest Jargon Encircling Silicon Valley
In a recent piece in Bloomberg Technology, LJ Rittenhouse discusses the words executives use to describe their businesses. As technology companies race to invent the future, they're turning to a metaphor borrowed from Medieval times to explain their businesses.
Elon Musk is the unusual CEO who says his stock is overvalued
In a recent Washington Post piece, Jena McGregor reports on Tesla's CEO Elon Musk's unusual and often candid style in communicating. In it, she quotes LJ Rittenhouse who notes "it’s a smart CEO who realizes that if the stock gets overheated and people are disappointed, there’s a whole set of other problems to deal with."
How To Ask Radically Candid Questions
Kim Scott, the author of Radical Candor, knows it can be painful to be a boss, especially when you have to fire someone. Getting fired is painful and can cause financial hardship and damage self-confidence. Scott knows the power of asking the right questions when making a tough decision like this.
LJ Rittenhouse – A TNP Scholar
LJ Rittenhouse has been selected as an Advisor to the TNP Academy, an educational arm of the Nantucket Project’s Scholars Program. 
Rittenhouse Rankings CEO Candor Analytics™ Report Released
The 2015 Rittenhouse Rankings CEO Candor Analytics™ Survey Report has been published. Click to read the Press Release. Click the link or PDF icon below to download Survey Results Report: 2015 Rittenhouse Rankings Candor Analytics™ Survey Report For the 2014 Report click the following: 2014 CEO Candor Analytics™ Survey
How words can help create our future
LJ Rittenhouse sat with Stephen Woessner of Onward Nation to discuss the power of candor to help business leaders unleash employee creativity, and develop a corporate culture based on a "words matter mindset”.
Creating the Candor Enterprise

September 9, 2016

Creating the Candor Enterprise

John Livesay, strategic advisor and host of The Successful Pitch podcast interviews LJ Rittenhouse on the power of candor and how to build a "candor enterprise".
Introduction to Candor Analytics
An understanding of candor, a combination of honesty and forthrightness, is a valuable means of assessing corporate performance. In this CFA Institute video exclusive, L.J.