December 5, 2012

Managing Risk by Decoding CEO Communications: A Webinar with LJ Rittenhouse

On December 5, 2012 the Professional Risk Manager’s International Association (“PRMIA”) hosted a Webinar on Managing Risk by Decoding CEO Communications. In this presentation, LJ Rittenhouse investigates a critical and unrecognized business risk, “Communication Risk”. She shows how excessive levels of jargon, confusing and contradictory statements, platitudes, clichés, and inauthentic leadership language can undermine financial strength, execution, compliance, reputation, and even threaten corporate survival. Participants learned how to 1) measure “Communication Risk”; 2) focus on building sustainable corporate cultures; and 3) evaluate the link between Communication Risk and market performance.
Click here for the slide presentation:  Managing Risk by Decoding CEO Communications
Click here for audio of Webinar on PRMIA website: Audio Link