How To Ask Radically Candid Questions
Kim Scott, the author of Radical Candor, knows it can be painful to be a boss, especially when you have to fire someone. Getting fired is painful and can cause financial hardship and damage self-confidence. Scott knows the power of asking the right questions when making a tough decision like this.
Five Ways Netflix Leaves Other Companies in the Dust
Netflix wants to create raving, loyal members by producing original, compelling content. Its political thriller House of Cards was the first original online-only web-television series to win major Emmy awards.
Leadership, Candor And What Froze The NYSE
At 10.01 a.m. yesterday, our news release crossed the wire. It was headlined “Companies Excelling in Candor Substantially Outperform the Market Reported in New Rittenhouse Rankings Survey.” At 11:32 a.m., the NYSE halted trading due to a technical glitch.
LJ Rittenhouse on BigThink

October 27, 2014

LJ Rittenhouse on BigThink

In this Big Think video, see LJ Rittenhouse discuss “why words matter” and what are the financial, spiritual and cognitive costs of language. 
Power Connecting for Success: Five Radical Rules
By Laura Rittenhouse – Originally Posted on Most folks are shy around strangers.  Some are not.  Recently, waiting in line for a movie, I talked with the couple ahead of me.