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  • Each assignment taken on by Rittenhouse Rankings results in team-building progress, breakthrough insights, and the achievement of goals made possible by building trust through candor.

  • Restore and Protect Corporate Reputation:  Worked with the CEO and CFO to restore the company’s reputation as a trusted operator and financial steward by developing a program of actions, milestones and execution to candidly meet investor, customer and employee expectations.

  • CEO Succession:  Supported the board of a directors of a Fortune 100 company to determine the cultural fit of prospective CEO candidates.

  • Corporate Review and Assessment of Corporate Blind Spots:  Analyzed the client’s investor relations presentation to identify the need for strategic interventions to strengthen valuation.

  • M&A Strategic Review:  Conducted Corporate Culture analyses for a client to determine the fit of potential merger partners.

  • Facilitated Breakthrough in building trust between a Client and Joint Venture Partner:  Created a working framework at a Fortune 100 client’s off-site meeting to achieve a breakthrough in developing a joint venture customer service.

  • RittenhouseRankings’ candor workshop was enormously influential.  Our insights from that day have come back again and again as we’ve explored all these other areas.  Candor is clearly a thread woven into every element of the future communication work we are exploring – and I don’t think we would ever have discovered it without her candor session at the beginning.  Rittenhouse ranked at the very top of our speaker list among every member of our team.  She struck a chord.  She gave the team a rallying cry, and the courage to issue it!

  • Revitalized Branding Strategy:  Presented workshops for a Fortune 20 team of corporate and investor relations directors and managers to build stakeholder engagement, improve internal communications and revitalize the company’s brand identity:

  • RittenhouseRankings’ contributions have been “transformational” in our program.  She got us to think about what we wanted to ignore or deny; to see what we were not able or chose not to see and to do what we were not doing, but needed to do.  In just over a year, our IR program went from a ranking near the bottom of the industry to the top.  And we have sustained this leadership.

  • Built top-ranked Investor Relations Program with IR Team:  Worked with the CFO, Treasurer and Investor Relations Director of Fortune 200 Company to turn a bottom-ranked Investor Relations program into a number one-ranked program.  Helped the team to identify and address investor skepticism so we could create consistently hard-hitting messages in earnings teleconferences, investor presentations and in the annual reports.  Also created a systematic investor targeting and outreach program and developed internal investor relations.


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Mission Statement

We work with CEOs and CFOs to create Accountability Cultures that sharpen Execution, grow Trust and achieve Financial Leadership.

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